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About Gary Haines

What I do

As a Maryland Investment Advisor Representative I provide business and personal strategies  to help enable clients to build wealth, capital for expanding businesses, and planning for future needs/desires as well as retirement. 


I have been managing investments for others and myself since 1975, more on a personal level for the first 20 or so years.  At the same time I have also held a variety of positions with Gulf Oil Corporation, later purchased by Chevron Corporation. In the petroleum business I worked with small and large independent businessmen and women, assisting them in improving all aspects of their business and sometimes their personal life as well. This included working with their financial advisor, accountant/tax planner and any financial planning software that they may have been using. I was also the manager of an independent unit of Gulf Oil where I had total responsibility for all aspects of the business to include the sales, storage and distribution of automotive products and equipment as well as the accounting systems and the personnel involved. Subsequent to that I held a position in Chevron’s real estate group where I bought, sold, and leased sites for service stations, terminals and other use properties.

In addition, I also own a small investment company where I have been buying, renting, rehabbing and selling residential properties since 1979, using our own capital. Due to the obvious market issues and the fact that my financial services business continues to grow, I have phased out of most of the properties and will be completely out in the very near future.

These and a variety of other sales, marketing, budgeting, tax accounting, finance and management experiences have been very helpful in understanding the variety of client concerns that come into play when protecting assets and making sure you will have a sufficient estate to live as you planned in retirement. 

Since my retirement from Chevron, I have worked with several insurance companies selling life, health, and investment products.  Understanding the business and being impressed by the range of products and services, as well as the philosophy of Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc., I decided to make the move to a company where I could provide my clients with the products and services needed to make sure they were as financially independent as they were capable of being. Now, in addition to many years of a wide variety of investment experiences, I now have the product resources and the additional ongoing information and updates to service my clients, regardless of their investment desires, and to help give them the best chance for success.